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Reporting bugs

You should report bugs with the SourceForge form (or browse current bugs).

In your report, please include the type and version, as appropriate, for:

  • Operating system
  • Python
  • Webware
  • Web server
  • Database server
  • Other Python modules

If the bug is related to WebKit, please specify what type of app server you are running (Async, Threaded, OneShot, etc.) and adapter (OneShot, WebKit.cgi, mod_webkit, etc.).

Announcements and Discussion

You can sign-up for the webware-announce mailing list (very low traffic) so that you'll know when new versions are released.

You can also sign-up for the webware-discuss mailing list (moderate traffic) to be in on the discussions concerning Webware's direction, design, development, etc. (You don't have to subscribe to this list to send a message to it. See Feedback down below.)


Send feedback, inquiries, etc. to:

Unsolicited Testimonials

The short time I've spent with Webware has actually been quite productive and it's performance has been very good. The extra-informative error html pages alone have saved a lot of time. I was initially reluctant to step too far from the python/ASP/IIS combination I had based my app on, but my initial experience with apache/webware is working out very well. People on this list are quite responsive too, which makes it even better.

-Chris Prinos
on 6/12/02
using Webware 0.7

"First of all thanks to all who helped develop WebKit for their time and effort. I have been developing web based applications for quite few years, mostly under NT4/IIS/ASP/VB environment. I wasn't very happy with the flaws in ASP/VB and started looking for Java. Java wasn't cutting it because it's such a memory hog and runs VERY slow. Then I discovered WebKit and Python!

I only have a few days learning Python and WebKit and I'm quite impressed of the progress I've been able to make so far! Still have a lot to learn in the Linux/Python/WebKit environment, but I'm getting there. Of course having complete source code helps a lot, I have learned quite a bit from it. Python/WebKit is much better tool than ASP/VB is!"

-Weiss Blitz

"By the way, I should tell you that working with WebKit over the last couple of days has been a lot of fun. I'm doing stuff that would have been quite cumbersome to do using ASP, but Python's object orientation makes it quite easy. I can factor out common functionality on my web pages into mixin classes. It's really clean and elegant, and it really minimizes the amount of cut-and-paste that is needed to write new pages.

And the best part is, I think I'm doing a good job of convincing my coworkers that this is good stuff, so there's a good chance we'll go ahead and build our web project using WebKit. Which makes me very happy, because I can program in powerful object-oriented Python instead of crummy VBScript."

using Webware 0.4 prerelease

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