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Last updated 3/30/2001
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Introduction to Webware

This paper, presented at the Python 9 conference, has now been uploaded to the new Papers section of the web site.

Webware at Python 9

Most of the Webware development team and several users were at the Python 9 conference.
Here are highlights from the conference.

Release Candidate #2 for 0.5.1

Release candidate 2 of Webware 0.5.1 is now available:
  Webware-0.5.1rc2.tar.gz (419 KB)

This release contains security fixes and bug fixes and is recommended for all users. Details are in the release notes.

Please give it a try and report any problems to webware-discuss.

Webware for Python is a suite of software components for developing object-oriented, web-based applications. The suite uses well known design patterns and includes popular features such as:

  • A fast, easy-to-use application server
  • Servlets
  • Python Server Pages (PSP)
  • Object-relational mapper
  • Task scheduler
  • User manager with authentication
  • CGI wrapper

Key goals of the project include:

  • Python-oriented.
  • Object-oriented.
  • An expansive suite of components and features to cover common needs of web developers.
  • Modular architecture where components can be used togetheror independently.
  • Excellent documentation and numerous examples.
  • Open source development and community.


Download Webware 0.5 (408 KB).

After downloading the distribution, which is a .tar.gz file, unravel it:

  • UNIX: tar xzf Webware-0.5.tar.gz
  • Windows: Use WinZip or any other tool that understands gzipped tar files. Make sure the filename ends in .tar.gz or .tgz.

The _README file is in the Webware/ directory.
The documentation starts at Webware/Docs/index.html.

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