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Component Status Ver Py ver Summary
CGIWrapper beta 0.7 2.0 The CGI Wrapper is a CGI script used to execute other Python CGI scripts. The wrapper provides convenient access to form fields and headers, exception catching, and usage and performance logging. Hooks are provided for cookies and class-based CGI scripts. The wrapper is useful if you have legacy CGI scripts. Otherwise, you're best off doing new development with WebKit.
COMKit alpha 0.7 2.0 COMKit allows COM objects to be used in the multi-threaded versions of WebKit. Especially useful for data access using ActiveX Data Objects. Requires Windows and Python win32 extensions.
MiddleKit alpha 0.7 2.0 For building the "middle tier" of an application, that is, the domain-specific objects in between the front end and the database/datastore. MiddleKit is roughly analogous to NeXT/Apple's Enterprise Objects and Sun's Enterprise Java Beans.
MiscUtils beta 0.7 2.0 MiscUtils provides support classes and functions to Webware that aren't necessarily web-related and that don't fit into one of the other frameworks. There is plenty of useful reusable code here.
Python Server Pages beta 0.7 2.0 A Python Server Page (or PSP) is an HTML document with interspersed Python instructions that are interpreted to generate dynamic content. PSP is analogous to PHP, Microsoft's ASP and Sun's JSP. PSP sits on top of (and requires) WebKit and therefore benefits from its features.
TaskKit beta 0.7 2.0 TaskKit provides a framework for the scheduling and management of tasks which can be triggered periodically or at specific times.
UserKit alpha 0.7 2.0 UserKit provides for the management of users including passwords, user data, server-side archiving and caching.
WebKit beta 0.7 2.0 WebKit provides Python classes for generating dynamic content from a web-based, server-side application. It is a significantly more powerful alternative to CGI scripts for application-oriented development, while still being nearly as easy to use as CGI. WebKit is analogous to NeXT/Apple's WebObjects and Sun's Servlets.
WebUtils beta 0.7 2.0 WebUtils contains functions for common web related programming tasks such as encoding/decoding HTML, etc.

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